Update #7 On The Making History Crowdfunding Campaign

I am excited to announce that the Formosan Association of Public Affairs Young Professional Group has contacted me about making a very generous private donation to the MAKING HISTORY: The Story of Su Beng crowdfunding campaign. 

FAPA-YPG is going to be one of the Executive Producers of the short documentary about Su Beng that Robin C. Adams and I will be producing! 

FAPA-YPG was instrumental during Su Beng's 2011 US visit. Many local chapters across the country organized receptions, gatherings and discussions with Su Beng. 

THANK YOU FAPA-YPG! Let's keep the momentum going for this campaign!


In other news, I have added Chinese translation to the MAKING HISTORY crowdfunding campaign page explaining: 

1) What is this project about? 

2) Why I need to raise $15,000? 

3) A list and description of perks available 

4) Step by step instructions on how to make a contribution online via this website

Scroll down to the very bottom of the campaign page to see the Chinese translation. I am still working on getting some buttons or infographics to make the instructions on how to make a contribution easier to follow.

Special thanks to Hsiao Wan Lin (林曉婉) and others for the translation. Thank you to Kristopher Wuollett for his special assistance on this.