About Felicia Lin

Photo Credit: Ariane Hunter

Photo Credit: Ariane Hunter

FELICIA LIN “discovered” Su Beng in 2003 after reading an article written by him that had been translated and published in the Taipei Times newspaper. Hearing that he was a lifelong Taiwan independence activist who had spent seven years in China working with the Chinese Communists, tried to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek, and written TAIWAN’S 400 YEAR HISTORY, she knew that she wanted to know more and that his was a story to be told. 

In early 2004 Felicia contacted Su Beng, asking to interview him in order to write a novel based on his life. She began working closely with Su Beng, recording her interviews and conversations with him. Six months later she realized that she had started documenting his life and decided to change course by asking him if she could collaborate with him to write his biography in English. 

While living in Taiwan from 2001-2007, Felicia taught English as a second language at the Kaohsiung Hospitality College, Kao Yuan University, and the Bureau of Foreign Trade, all located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Ms. Lin’s eclectic career has spanned over fifteen years and includes ventures into finance and banking, human resources, education, and not-for-profit development.

On December 25, 2013 her crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com called Making History: The Story of Su Beng successfully raised $16,730. She left for Taiwan on February 7, 2014 to complete research on Su Beng’s biography and continue work on a short documentary about Su Beng.

Felicia has a bachelor of science degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a master of arts degree in Applied Psychology from New York University. She currently hosts the Talking Taiwan podcast, which is an audio magazine about interesting people connected to Taiwan and what they are doing.

Felicia currently resides in New York City. To learn more about her visit: www.felicialin.com.