Su Beng hospitalized for an oral infection

For months, Su Beng has had a series of toothaches. I remember him complaining about this when I was in Taiwan.

On August 5th, he was hospitalized at the National Taiwan University Hospital because his mouth had become inflamed due to cellulitis. His oral infection was due to a tooth extraction. Cellulitis is quite serious and painful. I know because I contracted it in my foot several years ago when I was living in Taiwan. So I hope that Su Beng has a smooth, speedy recovery.

I've been in touch with Su Beng's assistant Bin Hong who tells me that Su Beng's condition has been improving.

Over the past few days, Su Beng has had several visitors. I see a lot of familiar faces in the photos below and am heartened to see all the people who have visited Su Beng in the hospital. 

All photos in this post courtesy of: Bin Hong