Su Beng released from the hospital and back on his feet

On August 12th, after spending a week at the National Taiwan University Hospital for an oral infection, Su Beng was released. I'm sure that his speedy recovery was in large part due to all of the people who visited him in the hospital and who expressed their concern for him. 

Photo courtesy of:  Ting Lu Lee

Photo courtesy of: Ting Lu Lee

You can bet that Su Beng will not be idle for long. On August 16th he will be at the Taiwan Tati Holy Mountain and on August 17th he'll be in Tainan for a few speaking engagements.

Later this month there will also be a book signing event to coincide with the release of a newly revised, Chinese language version of his book, THE TAIWANESE PEOPLE'S 400 YEARS OF HISTORY (台彎人四百年史).