Public Funeral Tribute for Su Beng in Taipei, Taiwan (October 13, 2019)

A public funeral tribute is being organized for Su Beng on October 13th in Taipei, Taiwan. A rally and march will begin at Taiwan University and end at Ketagalan Boulevard. Ketagalan Boulevard is the street that connects the Presidential Office Building and the East Gate (東門). This area (Ketagalan Boulevard and the area surrounding the Presidential Office Building and East Gate) has been a popular location for mass political rallies in Taipei. It is immensely significant that this public tribute to Su Beng will be held in this area given the history of protest, struggle and resistance that has happened there. To read up on Ketagalan Boulevard visit its Wikipedia listing.

Full details for October 13th can be found on the Facebook event page by Clicking HERE.

For full details visit the Facebook event page for the October 13th pubic funeral tribute to Su Beng: