Pay Your Final Respects to Su Beng: September 24-October 12, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Su Beng’s Facebook page

Photo Courtesy of Su Beng’s Facebook page

Here are the details (in Chinese from Su Beng’s Facebook page) for anyone in Taipei wishing to pay their last respects to Su Beng. The location is: 10491台北市中山區民權東路二段158號 and visitation hours are from September 24-October 12, 2019, 8:30am to 8:00pm:




課程時間:08:30-20:00 *懇辭花籃,現場備有獻花、名冊提供致意。 *歡迎同志、故友、親朋到場敘舊。 歐吉桑百無禁忌,不管過去認不認識歐吉桑,歡迎大家就來跟他說說話。只是現場沒有燒香,純粹默哀悼念。 現場也有文宣讓大家自由取閱故友、親朋到場敘舊。 歐吉桑百無禁忌,不管過去認不認識歐吉桑,歡迎大家就來跟他說說話。只是現場沒有燒香,純粹默哀悼念。 現場也有文宣讓大家自由取閱

SB flyer with details on memorial 9.24-10.12.jpg

Below are some of the photos I took when I stopped by the funeral home to pay my respects.

guest book and altar offerings