November 2014 Updates

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it back to Taiwan for Su Beng's birthday. How I wish I could've made it back there for the celebrations planned for him! 

Since I couldn't make it I wrote him some birthday wishes, and posted it on The Story of Su Beng Facebook page, which is dedicated to news and updates about my project to document the life of Su Beng, historian and lifelong Taiwan independence activist. Su Beng is the only nonagenarian that I know of who's on Facebook! And thanks to Su Beng's assistant, Bin Hong, not only is he very active on Facebook, but he now has 2 Facebook accounts: a personal page and a fan page: Su Beng-史明粉絲頁

On November 9th Su Beng turned 96 or 97, depending on how you count it. It looks like Su Beng was "king for a day"- judging fom the balloon crown he's wearing in the photo below!

Photo credit:  徐德章  (Nathan)

Photo credit: 徐德章 (Nathan)

Taiwan Tati shot some video of Su Beng's birthday celebration in Taichung, and posted it on YouTube:

Taiwan Tati also published a book entitled "Taiwan Nationalism: When We Met at Holy Mountain."

The book is based on lectures that Su Beng has given at Taiwan Tati about Taiwanese nationalism, history and independence; it was also meant to be a birthday gift for Su Beng.

The following weekend, a week after Su Beng's birthday, Su Beng had two events promoting the book in Taipei on 11/15 and in Kaohsiung on 11/16. 

Here are some photos from the event in Taipei:

Copies of " Taiwan Nationalism: When We Met at Holy Mountain"  Photo credit: Tony Chang

Copies of "Taiwan Nationalism: When We Met at Holy Mountain" Photo credit: Tony Chang

Photo credit: Tony Chang

Photo credit: Tony Chang

Photo credit: Tony Chang

Photo credit: Tony Chang

Here are some photos of Su Beng at the event in Kaohsiung which was held at the Holy Rosary Cathedral:

A video (shot and posted by Taiwan Tati) of Su Beng's appearance in Kaohsiung has been posted on You Tube and you can watch some of it here:

Since this post Su Beng has been as busy as ever with an event in Hsinchu on 11/19:

And an event in on 11/25 in Tainan: