Su Beng in the hospital on election day

Unfortunately Su Beng ended up in the hospital on election day in Taiwan. I know that he's been working tirelessly urging people to "get out and vote," as he always does leading up to major elections in Taiwan. It looks like everything has caught up with him and I'm really concerned about him this time. 

On November 29, 2014 there was a very rare "nine-in-one election" in Taiwan. The nine refers to: special municipality (1) mayors and (2) councilors, county and city (3) executives and (4) councilors, township and town (5) heads and (6) representatives, village and ward (7) chiefs, and elections for (8) district heads and (9) representatives in aborigine districts in the special municipalities.

Before yesterday’s vote, the KMT controlled 14 of the nation’s 22 cities and counties, while the DPP held 7. 

Now the Democratic Progressive Party has won control of Taipei, Taoyuan, Greater Taichung, and Chiayi City. Leaving the KMT with control over 6 city, county and municipal governments.

I hope that Su Beng can rest easy now, with these election results. 

Here's to some much needed rest for O-ji-san! Please take care of yourself. Your health should come first. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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