11/8/15 Happy Birthday Wishes for Su Beng!

A HUGE Birthday celebration has been planned for Su Beng in Taiwan!

Su Beng is turning 98 as they count it in Taiwan, while, according to the Gregorian calendar he's turning 97. To learn more about how age is counted in Taiwan, you can read my previous blog post HERE. Photos of all the festivities will be forthcoming soon!

I wasn't able to be in Taiwan for the birthday festivities, but captured the next best thing at the screening of "Su Beng, the Revolutionist" on Friday.

WATCH this short video of the audience singing an early Happy Birthday to Su Beng:

Wishing you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Su Beng, O-ji-san! Please know that you are being thought of near and far! Thank you for being such an inspiration and for all of your tireless dedication to Taiwan and the people of Taiwan.