Update #16 on the Making History Crowdfunding Campaign

Less than 24 hours after I posted my last video on YouTube, MAKING HISTORY hit $16,000! The outpouring of support from people was really quite incredible. With the extra funding I will be able to purchase and set up a much needed new computer for Su Beng as a Lunar New Year gift from ALL of the contributors of the MAKING HISTORY campaign.

I watched the last couple of days of the MAKING HISTORY crowdfunding campaign closely. 24 hours before it closed, funding had reached $16,445!

Funding continued to come in until about an hour before the campaign ended on December 25 at 11:59 PT, which was actually 2:59am ET on 12/26. 

So in the end, funding for MAKING HISTORY: The Story of Su Beng reached $16,730, which is over 111% of the funding goal! I am so thrilled and amazed that funding actually went well past $16,000. 

Overall I would have to say that the MAKING HISTORY was a very strong campaign. There was certainly a lot work that went on behind the scenes at certain critical points in time, but it was a combination of that AND the passion of people interested in supporting the campaign. Whether support meant simply spreading word, contributing or doing both, it worked! People came out to support this project in the last 24 hours or so pushing it well past $16,000.

The success of this campaign would not have been possible without the support of so many people who really believed in this project. This is your success too!