Update #3 on the Making History Crowdfunding Campaign

The MAKING HISTORY Crowdfunding Campaign is currently on the THIRD page of "Popular Now" on Indiegogo in the Writing category. This means the campaign is getting lots of clicks, and it's all thanks to a huge social media push on the part of others who have been sharing and posting about this campaign through their social media channels.  It all adds up! I can only do so much as one person. So THANK YOU if you have shared, posted, tweeted, emailed or told someone about the Making History Crowdfunding Campaign!

We are in week 3 of the MAKING HISTORY Crowdfunding Campaign and I can barely keep up with the pace of contributions. When I started writing this post last night the campaign was at 39%. This morning it hit 42%. And now it is at 45%! It looks like all those clicks are translating into actual contributions. I point this out because there are other campaigns on the third page that have a very low percentage of their goals raised. They are probably there because they have gotten a lot of clicks or views, but apparently clicks do not always translate into contributions. 

I'd like to get parts of my Indiegogo campaign page translated into Chinese. So I've reached out asking for help with the translation and graphics. And now there are a few people volunteering to help with this. I'd like to translate the perks I'm offering at different contribution levels, but more importantly we are going to do screenshots with instructions in Chinese translation explaining the step by step procedure to make a contribution online at Indiegogo. I hope this makes it easier for people in Taiwan to contribute.

As the Chinese subtitles were being added I was thinking about whether or not I should translate parts of my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page and some of my friends in Taiwan seem to think it would be a good idea.

I was inspired to do this by another wildly successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for LINSANITY: The Movie. If you're curious to see how much they raised and what they did in terms of translation you can visit their crowdfunding page here. Scroll to the very bottom.

Oh, and another thing,  I just realized that the number THREE is very apt for this particular post:

1. It's week 3 of my crowdfunding campaign

2. This is update #3

3. Making History : The Story of Su Beng is currently on the THIRD page of "Popular Now" Indiegogo campaigns in the writing category

You know how the saying goes: Good things come in threes!