June and July Updates About Su Beng

Here are some highlights of what Su Beng has been up to in June and July. As usual he has had several gatherings in his home- some were social visits,  others were classes with groups of young people and there were also people who had come to interview Su Beng. And there were also several outings with Su Beng's Taiwan Independence Action Motorcade- not all of these photos are being shared in this post.

At the beginning of June Su Beng met with Nicolas Chiou, who is working on illustrations for the revised cartoon version of TAIWAN'S 400 YEARS OF HISTORY.

On June 6th Su Beng posted this drawing of him with his assistant Bin Hong (敏紅)on Instagram and Facebook. I think that the artist did a really wonderful job of capturing the essence of Su Beng and Bing Hong. Bin Hong is very often seen at Su Beng's side like this. What a touching illustration!

July 13: Su Beng took to the streets in support of DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen (菜英文).

June 18: Su Beng was interviewed by a Spanish journalist.

June 26: There was a screening of the documentary film, Su Beng: The Revolutionist in Chiayi.

This photo, which was shared on Su Beng's Facebook page really captures a typical scene of Su Beng with pages and pages of handwritten notes that he's made on very recognizable gridded paper.

Photo courtesy of: Hsiengo Huang

Photo courtesy of: Hsiengo Huang

June 27: Su Beng changed his Facebook profile photo to show support for gay pride.

July 5: Su Beng spoke at a Free Taiwan Party meeting. The Free Taiwan Party is Taiwan's newest political party. To learn more about the party read this Taipei Times article: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2015/04/18/2003616215

Here's another photo from Su Beng's Facebook page below that captures a note handwritten by Su Beng which reads: Young people have to have dreams.

In the photo below (which is from Su Beng's Facebook page(, Su Beng is sitting on the platform of the Taiwan High Speed Rail, with a portrait of him by 林趙宗宋先生. Su Beng can often be seen traveling around Taiwan by High Speed Rail for his various speaking engagements.

July 26: The documentary, Su Beng: The Revolutionist was screened at the Ketagalan Institute.

Su Beng with Lihkuei Chen, the director of the film Su Beng: The Revolutionist

Su Beng with Lihkuei Chen, the director of the film Su Beng: The Revolutionist

There's also been a bit of good news that was shared at the end of July. Su Beng has been considering selling his noodle shop in Ikebukuro, Japan but he was able to rent it to someone, so the noodle shop is not being sold for now. This noodle shop is where he wrote his seminal book TAIWAN'S 400 YEARS OF HISTORY, and trained people for his underground network. And in the noodle shop's heyday Su Beng funneled all of the profits he earned from it into his underground network of activists who were fighting for the independence of Taiwan. Read more about Su Beng's noodle shop by clicking HERE.