The first anniversary of the cross-strait services agreement

June 21, 2014

A year ago the cross-strait services agreement with China was signed. According to a Chinese language article in the Liberty Times, on June 21, Su Beng spoke at an evening event marking the one-year anniversary. He told the crowd:

The student-led occupation of the Legislative Yuan in March was a major historic event. It was a big sign of progress when the students and protestors stood up and firmly said, "Taiwan is not the same as China, Taiwan and China are different." In the past students were not taught the true history of Taiwan. Now that they know that Taiwan is different, the focus should be on Taiwan Nationalism vs. Chinese Nationalism. If the people of Taiwan are concerned about their future and want to establish an independent state, and to save their ancestral heritage, they must unite and work together.

Su then ended his remarks with the following, which he invited the crowd to repeat with him: 

Long live Taiwan Nationalism! The Taiwanese should stand up for themselves and become masters of their own fate! Hooray!