Su Beng's July 2013 Facebook posts

During these past couple of months, especially in the month of July, Su Beng has been posting quite frequently on Facebook. It's sometimes hard for me to get them all translated. In some of his posts he really delves into political philosophy and theory, while others consist of a series of simple sentences, which are written in a style that makes me think these are things that Su Beng might say at a rally. I've picked one (from July 13) that I think summarizes what he has to say to the Taiwanese people and will translate it here:

Here is the complete post below along with English translation:

Were you born in Taiwan?

Did you grow up in Taiwan?

Are you living in Taiwan?

Do you love Taiwan?

Do you wish that Taiwan would improve and develop?

Have you ever thought about our Taiwan’s need to protect itself?

That’s the way it goes,

Have you ever thought about being enslaved forever?

Have you thought about whether it's good for Taiwan to be under foreign rule?

Have you ever thought about eliminating the Chinese Kuomintang with their nationalist philosophy hidden behind the Republic of China system?

Have you thought about whether it’s also good to be under the rule of the Chinese Communist imperialism?

不吧! 不! 不! 不! 不! 不! 不吧!
I suppose no! No! No! No! No! No! Absolutely no!

How about this!!!!!!

你何不站起來! 來做台灣民族英雄!! 來甲世界的人平坐企!
Why not stand up and be a champion of the Taiwanese people and to attain world class equality!

 Long live Taiwan!!!!

 Long live the Taiwanese people!!!!

The Taiwanese are the own masters of their fate!!!!

~Su Beng

This is Su Beng's current Facebook profile photo. The T-shirt he's wearing reads "大人大種"

The phrase "大人大種" on Su Beng's t-shirt can be translated literally as: great person, great stock. I've been told that this character for stock "種" basically means type; but, in this context of usage, it has the connotation of "having extraordinary courage to face great danger, fear and pain." I've also been told that in the context of someone Taiwanese facing his archenemy, namely the Chinese, these characters could be interpreted to mean: "I am a grown man and have done all kinds of things. I don't need anyone to boss me around."