Su Beng is now in the midst of a 4 part lecture series about his life. The first lecture was held on March 31 and today will be the second. Full details appear in these flyers:

Here's an English translation of the above flyer:

He is a rare person, a Taiwanese leftist revolutionary. His life has spanned nearly 100 years of Taiwan’s history. He has traveled to 4 continents. He has witnessed Taiwanese people’s opposition movement against the Japanese. He went to Japan for a higher education. There he was enlightened by the modernization of civilization. During World War II he went to China, where he became an undercover agent to resist the Japanese. At the end of World War II he went to the northern part of China where he witnessed land reforms and discovered that the Chinese Communist party was inhumane; they had no regard for humanity. At last he decided to advocate for the Taiwan independent movement, and he spent 10 years to write a book called Taiwan’s 400 Years of History. This history book was the first one written by a Taiwanese person from a Taiwanese point of view. He’s a revolutionary, a man of action, a philosopher. So it’s quite worthwhile to come listen to what he has to say.

Talk 1 (3/31) 1920-30 Glorious old Taipei

Talk 2 (4/7)    My study abroad life, study, singing and Waseda

Talk 3 (4/28)  My Chinese experience underground work, NE China

Talk 4             My revolution: Taiwan’s 400 Years of History, Taiwan independence