Su Beng's 2-28 Demonstration

On February 28, 2012, Su Beng staged a protest at the front gate of the 2-28 Memorial Peace Park in Taipei with Professor Tsay and others.

Visit these websites to learn more about the 228 Massacre that happened in Taiwan on February 28, 1947:

Here's a 1947 New York Times article that was written about about the 228 Massacre

Here's a translation of some of the slogans being chanted in the video:

Against the Kuomintang, massacring the Taiwanese!

Against the Kuomintang, bringing Chinese Communists to Taiwan!

NOTE: The Chinese characters on the white "raincoat" being worn by Professor Tsay reads: Ma’s government in exile has desecrated the heroes of 228

Su Beng, himself leads the group with these slogans:

Objecting to the Kuomintang, bringing Chinese Communists to Taiwan

Objecting to the Chinese Communists to occupy Taiwan

The group continues with these chants:

Objecting the government in exile, massacring Taiwanese race!

Objecting to the Chinese Communists' political oppression!