July 24: Su Beng @ the Blaauw residence (Washington, D.C. area)

The gathering organized by FAPA-YPG, DC Chapter was an intimate affair hosted in the home of Coen Blaauw.

Eileen Lin, FAPA-YPG Coordinator served as Su Beng's translator for the first half of the Q&A with Su Beng

Photo credit: Chia Liu

Chia Liu, FAPA-YPG member took up the job of translating for Su Beng for the second half of the Q&A

Photo courtesy of Chia Liu

Thanks Eileen and Chia for your excellent translation that day!

Photo credit: Felicia Lin

There was also a mini-reunion of sorts. Su Beng was reunited with Jean, who's family hosted him at their home in Texas when he used to make annual visits to the US in the summer months in the 80s and 90s. Su Beng has not seen Jean in nearly 20 years- when she was just a girl! Jean now lives in DC. Su Beng will be staying at her parents' house in Texas once again when he's there to attend the Taiwanese American Association Summer Conference- South at the end of July. Here they happily posed for a photo together:

Photo credit: Felicia Lin

There was plenty of Taiwanese food and drink, like Taiwan Beer!

... and green tea and red bean popsicles

Photo courtesy of Coen Blaauw

Photo courtesy of Coen Blaauw

"Arigato" Su Beng thanked everyone before he left.