Su Beng 's 2011 US Visit: TBA dates

The reception and interest from the Taiwanese American community in organizing meetings and gatherings with Su Beng during his current US visit has been incredible! I'd like to thank everyone who has reached out to me to arrange the various meetings and gatherings with Su Beng in their respective cities. In addition to New York and New Jersey, Boston, DC and LA are all organizing gatherings and events with Su Beng. Announcements from their organizers will be forthcoming soon.

FAPA-YPG Washington DC is planning a gathering for Su Beng on July 24th.

FAPA-YPG in Los Angeles, CA is planning a town hall style meeting with Su Beng at the Taiwan Center on August 14th.

I myself am looking forward to finally reconnecting with Su Beng myself- this weekend up in the Boston area!


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