July 22: Su Beng @ Sullivan Hall, NYC

Finally, after this whirlwind of weekend events, and returning from a weekend in the DC area with Su Beng late on Monday, I've found some time to post a few photos from the Revolutionary in New York event that I hosted on Friday, July 22, 2011. I will write up a post with my thoughts on the event soon, but first here are some photos that captured the event.

Special thanks to Lisa Tan who shot these photos with my camera during the event.

Su Beng was the first to arrive of course!

Copies of the English version of Su Beng's book, Taiwan's 400 Year History, were available for sale. The book is self-published and therefore not that readily available.

Sneaking a bite to eat before all the event goes into full swing.

People are slowly getting seated.

It was a full house.

Anticipation is mounting.

Where is the translator?! I'm frantically trying to look up his cell number here.

Quick change in plans. Talking to the stand in translator.

Ed Lin, emcee of the night starts off the event.

Finally the main event has started with my opening remarks.

Reading an excerpt from The Conscience of Taiwan.

The translator, Professor Ching Lee has arrived.

My opening questions for Su Beng.

The autograph line during intermission.

Grinning and bearing it through the heat during the intermission with Victoria Linchong, filmmaker of the documentary Almost Home: Taiwan

The second part of the event: Audience Q&A with Su Beng is about to get started.

It was so hot in that I was trying to fan myself and Su Beng.

Some people submitted their questions for Su Beng using Vibe, the iPhone app.

Victoria Linchong introduces her film Almost Home: Taiwan.

With Su Beng and Professor Ching Lee, the event translator.

In this photo: a volunteer from the event, two members of Su Beng's team- who are from Taiwan and are traveling with him around the US, Su Beng, and Mrs. Kang- who was hosting Su Beng in New Jersey