Finished first draft of sample chapter for Su Beng's biography!

I have finished writing the first draft of an exciting sample chapter for the book proposal for the biography of Su Beng. The chapter I've chosen to highlight covers Su Beng's escape from Taiwan after his involvement in a plot to assassinate Chiang Kai-Shek was discovered. In early 1952, after months of working as a laborer loading bananas onto the boats of a banana trading company, Su Beng was able to stow away in the cargo section of one of these boats en route to Japan. I've written briefly about his escape and the noodle shop that he eventually set up in Japan in a previous blog post here.

Of course I'll be sharing this first chapter with Su Beng himself and looking forward to some discussions with him over Skype about it, and other chapters that will be in the works soon.

Yesterday was the beginning of Taiwanese American Heritage week, and there's a facebook campaign going on to coincide with it. Participants are posting an image that reads "Taiwan is NOT part of China" as their profile photo to increase awareness of Taiwan's situation.

I've invited the tech-savvy 91 year old Su Beng who is on facebook to participate. So far it has generated some interesting comments and discussions for me on my facebook page.