Protesting the Assembly and Parade Law

Activists protested the Assembly and Parade Law at the Legislative Yuan Building on April 28, 2009. Su Beng is amongst them front row center in his blue denim shirt. Su Beng rouses the crowd just past the two minute mark in this video.

The assembly law stipulates that people must first obtain a permit from the police precinct where the assembly is to take place. The police at the precinct level therefore have the power to permit or deny all applications for assembly and protest activities, and they are charged with maintaining order during the marches and driving away protesters if things get too rowdy. (Source: Taiwan Journal)

In 2006, Su Beng was charged with violating the Assembly and Parade Law. You can read more about that here:

This anachronistic law has been the subject of much debate in Taiwan lately. On November 6, 2008, the Wild Strawberry student group began protesting the excessive use of force by police against protesters during the visit of Chinese envoy Chen Yunlin, and urging the Ma government to revise the Assembly and Parade Law. The Wild Strawberry student group's requests are that:

1. President Ma Ying-jeou and Premier Liu Chao-shiuan must publicly apologize to all citizens.

2. National Police Agency Director-General Wang Cho-chiun and National Security Bureau Director Tsai Chaoming must step down.

3. The Legislative Yuan must revise the Parade and Assembly Law, which currently restricts the rights of the people.

To read their entire protest statement, click here: