The Ideology of Democracy

Today I received this in the mail from Su Beng. It's his latest book, the title of which I'll translate as The Ideology of Democracy (民主主義).

For the past half year or so I have had less access to him because he was hard at work trying to finish this book.

In the forward of this book, The Ideology of Democracy (民主主義), Su Beng writes that he started writing his memoirs because he felt that many have misunderstood and misjudged him, but while in the midst of this, he realized that he couldn't complete his memoirs yet because he needed to write this book about democracy first.

Su Beng has published another book and here I am still working on writing the English version of his biography. Onwards I tread- doing the best that I can, alas, writing this biography and documenting Su Beng's life is not actually my full-time job, nor is it my only job.